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Small Business Consulting

No aspect of your business is more important than your profitability. And we know until you have the resources to hire dozens of staff to handle the various functions that keep your business running profitably, you often have to wear far too many hats. And work far too many hours. We can help you get to working on your business, instead of in it. At NumberCrunchers we offer a full array of tools and resources to help you manage your business, increase your profitability and enjoy your life.


  • Planning, Budgeting and Projections
  • Business Analyses and Industry Comparisons
  • Business Financing
  • Debt Reduction Plans
  • Tax Avoidance Strategies
  • Asset Protection
  • Retirement Planning
  • Employee Benefits Guidance
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Business Services Concierge
  • Networking Opportunities