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Scam Alert! Beware!

Published on: 01/21/2016

Look what greeted me this morning from “Internal Revenue Service!” You might get one as well. Should you receive one, DON’T OPEN IT. It’s either a virus or a scam.

Remember, IRS will not contact you via e-mail. They will certainly not contact you to “verify” your confidential information. When you get these, just delete them!

And, while we’re here, IRS will also not call you. For the past couple of years, taxpayers have been victims of fraudulent collection calls purporting to be from IRS. The caller is usually very aggressive, often attempting to intimidate you by claiming a pending federal lawsuit or arrest; they will threaten to come to your home or work. They let you know they mean business. The calls are usually from foreign countries, but the phone numbers mimic the IRS’. If you proceed with the call, they’ll usually request payment via cash card (that’s a major tip-off this is fraudulent). They’re also very persistent; they’ll call several times or leaving a number of messages.
The Internal Revenue Service will generally only contact you via snail mail. If you have a refund due, all the information they need is on your tax return. If you owe them and have not paid, they will send you several notices (including a couple that will be sent via certified mail).

These scams continue because they’re so profitable. Don’t be one of their victims. Should you have questions about ANY communication you receive from a tax agency, call us before you act.