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Gordon S.

Published on: 07 Jan 2016

I have been using Paula and Dee for many years and I would recommend them highly to anyone who wants to go through April 15th as painlessly as possible. When I first went to her many years ago, I was delinquent in filing taxes for about eight years. I was so embarrassed. She was so understanding and helpful! She knew exactly how to contact the IRS and State and arrange for my past records. She then was able to reconstruct my
taxes for each year and negotiate a settlement with both agencies. I felt so much relief to finally be current with the filings, even though I still had to make monthly payments to catch up. I finally stopped getting all those threatening IRS and Franchise Tax Board letters every year. What a relief! Dee gently reminds me each year to send my stuff to her and now I usually get a refund. Death and taxes are forever and I am grateful that Paula has relieved at least one of them. I am still negotiating with the man with the pitch fork about the other.