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It’s That Time Again!

Published on: 01/16/2016

It hasn’t been that long…or has it?

Dee is waaaaay ahead of me; some of you already have your organizers! The rest are on the way. Be sure to take a look and make sure the date works for you (yes, guys, you have to open the envelope). If it’s not convenient, please let us know as soon as possible. My calendar fills up very quickly; we want to be sure and find you a good spot. Just give Dee a call at 805-660-3658 to make any changes.

Please remember that we don’t schedule any appointments after March 31. Be sure we have all your data — including any missing information — by that date. That ensures you’ll file before April 15th without an extension. If we don’t have everything by that date, we’ll automatically file an extension for you so you won’t be penalized.

Thank you all so very much for your referrals; our clients are our biggest source of new business. Of course, we’ll continue to give you our “Thank You” discount for your first referral, but we have something new this year! For each of your second and subsequent referrals, you’ll be entered into a little drawing to win a $250 Best Buy gift card. So, please continue sending us your family and friends. We’d love to have them — and we’d love to see you $250 richer!

Finally, don’t forget we have a new address: 1445 E Los Angeles Ave (the US Bank Building), Suite 203 in Simi Valley.

Thanks, take care — and see you soon!